Impedance Matching Network Synthesis & Analysis

A Product of Nuhertz Technologies. Zmatch is a comprehensive PC based LC impedance matching network synthesis and analysis software tool for Electrical Engineers.

Zmatch supports the following desirable features:

  • Fast generation of passive LC networks to match complex loads to sources
  • Finite Q consideration in network synthesis
  • Easy to use spread sheet table for to enter complex load and source impedances
  • RMS reflection feedback to quickly determine network quality
  • Frequency, reflection, and impedance analysis of synthesized networks
  • Modified element analyze of synthesized networks
  • Monte Carlo analysis of synthesized networks
  • Optional network licensing with Rainbow SentinalLM license manager.
  • Extensive HELP section to support your impedance matching efforts.

Zmatch 3.0 is available from our Download site. Version 3.0 is fully functional and FREE to all for 20 days, at which time the software will self-expire. You may purchase a license from Nuhertz Technologies, LLC to activate the software permanently.